Frequently Asked Questions

What is ArtOlin?2018-11-10T02:09:31+00:00

ArtOlin is a platform that allows artists and art lovers to record digital content permanently, making it possible to verify authorship and ownership from anywhere in the world indefinitely.
With ArtOlin, content creators can generate systems to promote or monetize their work immediately and without a middleman.

Our Objective2018-11-16T21:21:24+00:00

Our objective is to craft the highest-quality crypto-assets, also known as crypto-collectibles or CroCs, making them durable, beautiful, independent of third parties, and verifiable by anyone.
The ArtOlin platform aims to create a unique digital art collection, with indestructible and transferable works which will be registered in the Bitcoin blockchain forever.

What can I do on the ArtOlin platform?2018-11-10T19:35:31+00:00

The platform allows anyone to generate, buy or sell CroCs. Any creator can register and certify digital content by issuing their own CroCs easily, quickly and securely. An author can decide to transfer or sell their CroCs using the OlinWallet, or keep them as proof of authorship.


What are crypto-collectibles (CroCs) or crypto-assets?

They are digital objects resulting from the union between a token (such as BTC or ETH) and specific digital content. They are also known as augmented or improved tokens, since the traditional token, or cryptocoin, is linked to a digital content file (image, music, video, literature, etc.), giving it special properties and enhancing its value.
The special properties of CroCs include durability, scarcity, uniqueness, and transferability. It is also impossible to counterfeit them.

What are CroCs used for?2018-11-10T02:18:14+00:00

CroCs can be used as property titles, certificates of authorship, and document timestamps, and can be verified by anyone. You can sell or exchange them within your monetization scheme, or use them as promotional items in reward plans.

CroCs are also digital assets that can represent shares or equity in projects or businesses. They can also be used to distribute profits safely and automatically.

Since they are durable and scarce (like physical assets), CroCs can acquire market value, enabling you to implement innovative monetization schemes and incentives to involve your customers and followers. They can be used as promotional items, property certificates and reliable author registries. Because of their properties, CroCs are digital objects that many people collect simply for fun or because they speculate a potential rise in their future value.

Olin Wallet2018-11-17T23:41:47+00:00

What is OlinWallet?
OlinWallet is the name of the wallet used on the ArtOlin platform. It is a tool to visualize, manage, send, buy or sell your CroCs. It consists of a traditional Bitcoin wallet that is Counterparty-compatible, allowing you to generate and manage tokens. Its interface also enables you to view your CroCs.


Is it safe to store my Bitcoins and tokens in OlinWallet?

OlinWallet is ideal for regular, daily transactions which are signed in your browser before connecting to the Bitcoin network through the Bitcoin Core APIs.

All encryption is handled client-side, therefore neither your passphrase nor any of your private information ever leaves your browser.

Remember to ALWAYS back up your passphrase by writing it on a piece of paper (offline) and keeping it in a safe place.

Your passphrase is literally your only access to your wallet; no backup files exist. Passphrases are easy to read and highly secure – they protect your wallet from brute-force attacks. You can access your wallet from any trusted device with a web browser.

Users are encouraged to implement more secure systems such as Armory or Hardware wallets for a greater volume of assets and/or larger funds.

For developers interested in learning more about our software, check out Gitlab Repository.

I want to purchase CroCs2018-11-10T03:12:14+00:00

I would like to purchase CroCs. How do I go about it?
All you need to do is access your wallet and a new address will be generated automatically. Back up your wallet by copying your passphrase on a piece of paper and keeping it in a safe place.
Fund your wallet with BTC to purchase Olincoins, the currency in which OlinWallet operates.

I am a creator2018-11-10T03:10:34+00:00

I am a content creator, artist or author and I want to register my work and/or generate CroCs. How do I go about it?
Fill out the form in the Submission section and just follow the steps. If you have questions, you can reach our staff through the forums or through the Contact section.

Collaborate with us2018-11-10T03:06:06+00:00

What other ways are there to collaborate with ArtOlin?
ArtOlin is a growing interdisciplinary project and we are continuously on the lookout for like-minded people and creative proposals.
If you like this project and would like to collaborate with us, you can reach out to us through the Contact section or through the forums.