DADA, a blockchain-based digital art marketplace and social network, is organizing the Rare Art Show which will be featured during the Rare Art Festival 2 (Rare AF 2) on Saturday, May 18, at Bushwick Generator.

The art show was curated by a panel of experts that includes digital art curator Georg Bak; Jason Bailey, aka Artnome; Joe Looney, the father of the rare art movement and the creator of the Rare Pepe Wallet; Elena Zavelev of New Art Academy; and CADAF.

The panel selected over 50 artworks from 30 artists from among over 100 submissions from independent artists and platforms worldwide. These artworks and platforms will be streamed on two Meural digital canvases throughout the day, and the artworks exhibited will be available for purchase on their host platforms. Meural, a startup creating products combining art, technology and design, is a co-sponsor of the art show.

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